Michael Singer Studio focused on regenerative environmental opportunities as an important overall design goal for the West Palm Beach Waterfront Commons. Michael Singer Studio worked closely with county and state environmental agencies to understand policy initiatives that could help make the West Palm Beach Waterfront project a regional model of ecological waterfront regeneration in a heavily utilized urban site. The Studio proposed stepped tidal gardens along the seawall which integrated mangrove, spartina, and seagrass plantings along with oyster bed habitat zones and an experiential walkway. The tidal gardens and oyster reefs will provide stormwater filtration and habitat enhancement to improve the water quality and biodiversity of the estuary. In 2007 Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resource Management (PBC DERM) recognized the value of the conceptual work initiated by Michael Singer Studio and adopted the South Cove project as one of their own major planning initiatives. To date PBC DERM has adopted several elements of the Michael Singer Studio design, and has applied for and received some county, state and federal funding to build the South Cove area.

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